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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Global with Bangladesh’s Clients and Product Seminar


Latest company news about Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Global with Bangladesh’s Clients and Product Seminar
Global Chemicals celebrated the 20th anniversary and held a product seminar with local customers in Le Meridien Hotel in Bangladesh on November 25, 2016.
It has been said that “It is not your brand what you say about you. Your brand is rather that what others tell about you”.The real brand positioning of Global Chemicals International Ltd. was understood rightly by the comments of their customers made in their 20 years celebration event in a city hotel on 25th November in Dhaka. Md. Sirajul Islam, President of Tongi Chemical Traders Association one of the customers of Global Chemicals told that there is no alternative of Global’s softeners and there is no complaint from the customers. He also added that traders who are selling Global’s softener are happy and now it seems Textile Softener means Global’s Softener.
This reporter was talking to customers attending at the event and most of them expressed their satisfaction about Global Chemical’s products. And that at the end remained as the best explanation of the company Global Chemicals International Ltd. and their products.
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Figure 1: Global Chemicals International Ltd. and Eco COlour Chem team in their 20 years celebration program in Dhaka
The softener expert Global Chemicals and their Bangladesh agent Eco Colour Chem was celebrating 20 years completion of the company. As per Sk Masud Rana, Managing Director of Eco Colour Chem, the company is selling more than 180tons of textile softener per month in Bangladesh which is covering about 37% of Bangladesh’s total softener flakes demand. With such a big market share Global Chemical is certainly the largest softener flakes exporter to Bangladesh.
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Figure 2: Jim JW Lau, President,Global Chemicals International Ltd.
Global is not only largest in Bangladesh but it is one of the largest softener flakes manufacturers in the world. Thecompany is producing more than 60,000 tons of textilesofteners and chemicals every year and became one of the biggest manufacturers in China. As per the company president Jim JW Lau, the company is currently exporting chemicals to Asian countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, India,Pakistan and also to the US and South American countries.However 50% of Global’s global chemical exports come to Bangladesh.
When Jim was asked whether he is happy with their market performance in Bangladesh he told that we are happy but not content with it. Though we are exporting a lot to Bangladesh we still see huge untapped opportunities to grab here. “ Wehave around 50 different products but in Bangladesh we are mainly selling 7 products. So we see opportunities for new product lines here in Bangladesh. Especially for the silicone softeners, for which customers require a bit of care and processes in use. And that’s why we are planning to take Bangladesh customers to invite to China to train them on our products. We are also planning to increase more customer end training for those product ranges. We want to continue to grow in softener flakes and at the same time we want to strongly enter in the silicone and other textile finishing product ranges.” Jim, the President of Global Chemicals added. He mentioned that from February 2017 they are opening new production lines for silicone softeners.
Textile Today asked Jim if they have any plan for setting manufacturing plants in Bangladesh. He replied that the local demand and infrastructure issues don’t indicate a good time to set manufacturing facility yet. He emphasized that they are working here to create good brand and reputation along with their local agent Eco Colour to expand their business further.Manufacturing in Bangladesh could be a long term prospect he added.
Jim expressed his satisfaction over their local partner Eco Colour Chem saying, “Masud, our agent here started small 10 years back. And with a steady and quality growth he reached at this level. He was determined; he understood well what we want and delivered accordingly. We have a good reliable relationship.”
When asked-what would be the strongest part of his company,Jim mentioned about their strength in Research and Development. He added, “We invest a lot in R&D. We hire researchers, and we have strategic research partnerships with textile and chemical universities. Every day we are thriving for new products and for improving our existing ranges.”When asked about the shift of textile material from cotton towards manmade, he told that there is a shift but that is not
like cotton is disappearing. “We feel to have strong presence in cotton softening and also we are ready for the market shift. This shifting trend is faster in China than in Bangladesh. But I think this will also come to Bangladesh and that’s why we are now ready with new product lines for synthetics, and synthetic blends fabric finishing.”

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