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Music Party of Global Staffs’ Birthday


Latest company news about Music Party of Global Staffs’ Birthday

Music Party of Global Staffs’ Birthday



In the evening on July 28, 2016, the second birthday party in 2016 was held in multi-function hall as scheduled. The theme of the party is music, so we decorated the site with kinds of music elements. We designed that each game was linked closely to music. The familiar melody evoked the memories of our youth. The games included “listen to the sound guess song”, “you gesticulate I guess” and “guess song”. Every Birthday man and woman played games actively and made the atmosphere full of laughter and happiness. What surprised us was that someone guessed with great accuracy. Mei Huajian of Marketing Department performed a song called “You are My Eyes”, which push the party into climax. In the last game“guess song”, people played in a team and overcame all the difficulties in the way. It’s a pity that the fore groups lost at the third level. However, Liang Jingchu of Water Workshop won the game with the help of his friends and gained fat bonuses!

Tonight is unforgettable. Wish everyone has a healthy life, smooth sailing on career and daily life and owns your bright prospects!

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