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Yellow Liquid Textile Auxiliary Agent Low Odor Softener XPE-980

Yellow Liquid Textile Auxiliary Agent Low Odor Softener XPE-980

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Product Details
Pale Yellow To Yellow Liquid
Chemical Compound:
Amide Compounds
Weak Cationic
PH Value:
Can Be Soluble In Room Temperature
Product Description

Low odor softener XPE-980


Chemical composition: amide  compounds


Technical Specification:

Appearance Pale yellow to  yellow  liquid
Ionicity  Weak cationic
pH Value ≈5(10% solution)
Solubility  Can be soluble in room temperature




1.Impart good hand feel and outstanding smoothness to fabric

2.The fabric after processing are low odor

3.Impart a instant hydrophilicity to the fabric ,has antistatic resistance

4.Has less effect on the whiteness of fabric 

5.Has a weak effect with the days,and the fabric surface is less colored when process in the kettle 



Field of Application:

Suitable for hydrophilic and fluffing finishing of towel fabric

Apply for the hydrophilic and softening processing of cotton and its blended fabric

Impart good softening and fluffiness to fabric when in the denim processing



Recommended usage:1:10(used alone)




When used in combination with anionic auxiliaries ,please confirm its compability first



Dissloving method:

Add the requirement of amound XPE-980 to the water at room temperature ,and stir it for 30 mins, it will be dissloved completely


Storage and packing:

Shelf life:Six months when store in cool,dry and shaded warehouse

Packing:120kg plastic drum


Notice:Compatibility of other auxiliaries and process need to be checked before application


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