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AEEA Free Good Compatibility Low Yellowing Instant Hydrophilic Softener Paste GB-7303

AEEA Free Good Compatibility Low Yellowing Instant Hydrophilic Softener Paste GB-7303

Hydrophilic Softener AEEA Free

Hydrophilic Softener Low Yellowing

Hydrophilic Textile Auxiliary Agent

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Product Details
Chemical Composition:
A Mixture With Polymers Of Fatty Acid And Polyols
Pale Yellow Paste
Slightly Cationic
PH Value:
4.0~6.0 (10% Formulation)
Shelf Life:
6 Months
Product Description

Instant Hydrophilic-Softener-Paste GB-7303

Chemical Composition
A mixture with Polymers of fatty acid and polyols


Technical Specification

☆ Appearance:Pale yellow paste
☆ pH value:4.0~6.0 (10% formulation)
☆ Ionicity:Slightly cationic

Dissolving Method
Add GB-7303(e.g., charge by proportion of 10%) into water (by proportion of 90%) at room temperature,
or charge water into GB-7303, and keep stirring for 30~50mins until the paste complete dissolving, and
then get the solution.

☆ Environmental-friendly high-Concentration hydrophilic paste softener, AEEA-free;
☆ Give fabric a soft, smooth and full handle;
☆ With good hydrophilic performance, antistatic and low yellowing properties after finishing;
☆ With good salt, alkali and anionic resistance;
☆ It’s recommended to dilute 10% solution and the diluted solution has good liquidity.

Field of Application
☆ Suitable for denim washing, garment washing to get a soft handle;
☆ Suitable for Cotton and their blended fabric as a hydrophilic softener;
☆ Especial for fabric which has strict requirements of color shade and whiteness;
☆ It’s a good alternative for flake softener & beads softener.


☆ Padding:Dosage:30~60g/L (10% solution) Room Temperature 

    Process: one dip one nip or two dips two nips
☆ Dipping:Dosage:3~8% (o.w.f) (10% solution) Temperature:40~50℃
    Liquor ratio:1:10~15     Time: 30 min

Storage and Packing
Shelf life: 6 months when stored in cool, dry and shaded warehouse
Packing:120kg plastic drum

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