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Low Yellowing Silicone Agent SILISOFT GB-SO770 With Excellent Slippery / Soft Handle

Low Yellowing Silicone Agent SILISOFT GB-SO770 With Excellent Slippery / Soft Handle

Low Yellowing Silicone Agent

Soft Handle Amino Silicone

Excellent Slippery Amino Silicone

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China (mainland)

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Product Details
Chemical Composition:
Amino Modified Polysiloxane
Colorless To Light Yellow Transparent Liquid
PH Value:
Weak Cationic
Shelf Life:
Six Months
Cotton, Rayon, Modal And Their Blended Fabric, Knitted Mainly
Product Description

SILISOFT GB-SO770(Silicone Slippery)

Chemical Composition
Amino modified polysiloxane

Technical Specification
☆ Appearance:Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
☆ Solid content:49±2.0%
☆ Ionicity:weak cationic
☆ pH value:5.5~7.0


☆ High concentration slippery emulsion, with good heat resistance, alkali resistance,
    shear resistance, dilution stability;
☆ Low yellowing, no color change after finishing
☆ Give fabric excellent smooth with good softness, unique cooling slippery style especial
    in the bio-polish cotton knitted fabric

Field of Application
☆ Suitable for Cotton,Rayon, Modal and their blended fabric, knitted mainly, to achieve
    excellent slippery and soft handle.
☆ High dosage used on cotton knitting can obtain excellent smoothness, cold touch effect.


☆ Recommended usage: 1:3
☆ Padding process is recommended
☆ Required amount is depending on the required effect.
☆ Padding:Dosage:5~30g/L (for normal soft and smooth treatment)       60~80 g/L (for functional cooling treatment )
                     Temperature& Time:150~180℃×30~90s
                     Process:one dip and one pad , Liquid rate 70~90%
  (The above process is for reference only, and the specific process needs to be determined
  according to factors such as fabric types and equipments.)


Dissolving Method
Charge water directly and dilute to the specified concentration.

Storage and Packing
Shelf life:6 months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse.
Packing:120kg plastic drum


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