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Weak Cationic Amino Silicone Oil SO -8400 Series For Blended Fabric

Features: Weak Cationic Softener

Brand: Global

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Modified Polysiloxane Weak Cationic Amino Silicone Oil Chemical Softener SO -2100

Model Name: SO-2100

Appearance: Pale Yellow Or Transparent Viscous Liquid

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Customized Amino Silicone Oil SO -1680 For Wool , Polyester With Antistatic

Model Name: SO-1680

Usage: Textile Auxiliary Agent

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Low Yellowing Amino Silicone Oil SILISOFT GB-SO1900 With Good Washing Resistance

Chemical Composition: Amino Polydimethylsiloxane

Appearance: Colorless To Pale Yellow Transparent Viscous Liquid

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Smoothing Organic Softener Amino Silicone Oil SO - 8400 Series Amino Silicon

Product Name: Amino Silicone

Characteristic: Organic

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Weak Cationic Amino Silicone Oil Softener With Smooth Hand Feel SO - 2100 Series

Classification: Amino Silicone

Feature: Antistatic, Washability And Low Yellowing

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Nonionic Amino Silicone Oil Multi - component Modified Amino - Polysiloxane Copolymer

Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent

Usage: Textile Auxiliary Agents

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Amino Silicone Oil Softener Weak Cationic With 5~8 PH In High Performance

Product Name: Amino Silicone

Type: Chemical Auxiliary

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