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Amino Smooth Silicone Oil SILISOFT GB-SO1200 With Good Smoothness And Brightness

Amino Smooth Silicone Oil SILISOFT GB-SO1200 With Good Smoothness And Brightness

Amino Smooth Silicone Oil

Good Brightness Silicone Oil

Good Smoothness Amino Silicone

Place of Origin:

China (mainland)

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Product Details
Chemical Composition:
Special Silicone Polymer
Colorless To Pale Yellow Viscous Liquid
PH Value:
Shelf Life:
Six Months
Used On Denim Fabric To Give The Fabric Good Smoothness And Brightness
Field Of Application:
Cotton, Polyester Cotton, Denim And Yarn
Product Description

SILISOFT GB-SO1200(Amino smooth silicone oil)


Amino smooth silicone oil GB-SO1200 has a new linear structure and is a new type of high
molecular weight siloxane material. It is mainly used for the smooth finishing of cotton,
polyester cotton, chemical fiber, denim and yarn, with good smoothness and brightness.


Chemical Composition
Special silicone polymer

Technical Specification
☆Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid
☆pH Value: 8.0~9.0

☆ The emulsion is used on denim fabric to give the fabric good smoothness and
☆ The emulsion has good smooth effect on woolen sweater, sweater, wool blend,
    acrylic yarn and other fabrics;
☆ The emulsion can be used as a smooth component and combined with other
    softeners to improve the smoothness of the product;
☆ The emulsion has deep and brightening effect on dark fabrics, and can be used as

Field of Application
☆ It is used for smooth and bright finishing of cotton, polyester cotton, denim and yarn.


The emulsion is emulsified into 20% with emulsifier. The process is as follows:
☆ Padding: Dosage: 20~50g/L    Temperature: room temperature
                   Process: one dip and one pad or two dips and two pads
☆ Dipping:Dosage:2.0~5.0% (after dilution , o.w.f)    Temperature: 30~40℃
                    Liquor ratio:1:10~15      Time:30mins

Emulsification process
For example, 20% emulsion, silicone oil GB-SO1200 dosage 20kg, emulsifier 4kg, glacial acetic acid
0.5kg, water 95.5kg, first of all, measure the silicone oil and emulsifier together for 10 minutes, then
add 4 times acid water (add 0.5kg acetic acid to 95.5kg water), add acid water 10kg for the first time,
after mixing, second times add acid water 10kg, after mixing, third times add acid water 10kg. All the
remaining water can be added, and finally mixed, filtered and discharged.

Storage and Packing
Shelf life: Six months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse
Packing: 120kg plastic drum

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