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Super Efficient Anti Back Staining Agent AB-7 For Denim

Super Efficient Anti Back Staining Agent AB-7 For Denim

AB-7 Anti Back Staining Agent

PH5.0 Anti Back Staining Agent

Denim Anti Back Staining Agent Powder

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Product Details
Milky White Particles
Ionic Character:
Dispersible In Water
Shelf Life:
24 Months
20℃- 80℃
Product Description

Super efficient anti-back staining agent AB-7


Super efficient anti-back staining agent AB-7 is a water dispersible polyester polymer in powder form.
The product is designed for an anti-back staining agent in the garment wet processing process for denim.
The product can be used directly in a powder enzyme formulation or can be dispersed in water prior to

Physical and Chemical Specification
Appearance:Milky white particles
Ionic Character:Nonionic
Miscibility:Dispersible in water

1. Has high dispersing effect
2. Prevents re-deposition of indigo in denim processing
3. Produces the best salt pepper effect when combined with cellulase in denim fading.
4. Compatible with cellulase and improve denim fading.
5. Effective washing off agent to remove back stain from processed denim.
6. Anti-back staining effect last for a long time.

Direction for Usage
1. pH:5.0-8.0;Temperature : 20℃- 80℃:, time30-60 min, ratio: 1:6~1:10
2. Dosage: the dosage of desizing, abrasion washing and polishing is 0.15 -0.3% (o.w.f.), namely
one machine (in 100 pairs of jeans) dosage is about 80g -100g. The actual amount can be
adjusted according to the customer. Formulation in cellulase powder dosage:5%-15%.
3. Dilution with water:Can be diluted from1 to 3-5.

25 kg kraft bag.

Storage and Safety
Store at 20℃ under dry, shaded and cool condition and avoid high temperature and direct

Shelf life:24 months.

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