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AEEA Free Super Soft Hydrophilic Softener GB-9633 Good Compatibility With Other Softeners

AEEA Free Super Soft Hydrophilic Softener GB-9633 Good Compatibility With Other Softeners

AEEA Free Hydrophilic Softener

High Molecular Polymer Hydrophilic Softener

Weak Cationic Fabric Softener

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Product Details
Chemical Composition:
High Molecular Polymer And Amide Cationic Compounds
Yellow To Brownish Yellow Viscous Liquid
PH Value:
4.0~6.0 (10 % Solution)
Weak Cationic
Shelf Life:
6 Months
Product Description

GB-9633 (Super -Soft Hydrophilic Softener)


Chemical Composition
High molecular polymer and amide cationic compounds

Technical Specification
☆ Appearance: Yellow to brownish yellow viscous liquid
☆ Ionicity: weak cationic
☆ pH Value: 4.0~6.0 (10 % solution)
☆ Solubility: can be soluble in room temperature

☆ Impart good softness and fluffiness to fabric, and Impart hydrophilic performance as well;
☆ Good compatibility with other softeners, it can be mixed with silicone softener in any
    proportion, uniform without stratification;
☆ Outstanding weather/ low temperature resistance, no solidification/layer at low
☆ Has excellent resistance of salt , alkali and hard water;
☆ Has less effect on the shade of the fabric, has a lower odor;
☆ AEEA free.

Field of Application
☆ Suitable for the hydrophilic and fluffing finishing of towel fabric;
☆ Apply for the hydrophilic and softening processing of cotton and its blended fabric;
☆ Can be used as a fluffing agent both by padding and dipping process.

☆ Recommended usage: 1:4~9 (used alone)
    Padding: Dosage: 10~50 g/L
    Dipping: Dosage: 1.0~5. 0% (o.w.f)
☆ When used in combination with anionic auxiliaries, please confirm its compatibility first

Dissolving Method
Add the required amount of GB-9633 to the water at room temperature, and stir it for 30
min, it will be dissolved completely.

Storage and Packing
Shelf life: Six months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse
Packing: 120kg plastic drum

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