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White Polyester Polymer Powder , Enzymes In Textiles Super Efficient

White Polyester Polymer Powder , Enzymes In Textiles Super Efficient

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White Powder
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Polyester Polymer
Dispersible In Water
Textile Auxiliary
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White Polyester Polymer  Powder , Enzymes In Textiles Super Efficient


Super efficient anti-back staining agent AB-6

Physical and Chemical Specification
     Appearance               White powder
     Ionic Character           Nonionic
     Miscibility                   Dispersible in water

Basic info.



  Super efficient anti-back staining agent AB-6 is a water

dispersible polyester polymer in powder form. The product is

designed for an anti-back staining agent in the garment wet

processing process for denim. The product can be used directly

in a powder enzyme formulation or can be dispersed in water

prior to use.



1. Has high dispersing effect;

2. Prevents re-deposition of indigo in denim processing;

3. Produces the best salt pepper effect when combined with           cellulase in denim fading;

4. Compatible with cellulase and improve denim fading;

5. Effective washing off agent to remove back stain from                 processed denim;

6. Anti-back staining effect last for a long time.

Direction for Usage


1.    pH:5.0-8.0;     Temperature : 20℃ - 80℃,
    time:30-60 min,   ratio: 1:6~1:10

2. Dosage: the dosage of desizing, abrasion washing and                             polishing is 0.15-0.3% (o.w.f.), namely one machine                     (in 100 pairs of jeans) dosage is about 80g -100g.                       The actual amount can be adjusted according to the                    customer.
           Formulation in cellulase powder dosage:5%-15%.

3. Dilution with water:Can be diluted from1 to 3-5.


25 kg drums

Storage and Safety


Store at 20℃under dry, shaded and cool condition and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
Shelf life:24 months.

      Compatibility of other auxiliaries and process need to be checked before application.


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