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Hydrophilic And Smoothing Silicone Block Copolymer NQS-665 For Cotton And Towel Fabric

Hydrophilic And Smoothing Silicone Block Copolymer NQS-665 For Cotton And Towel Fabric

hydrophilic silicone softener

silicone modified epoxy resin

Place of Origin:

China (mainland)

Brand Name:

Global Chemicals



Model Number:


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Product Details
Chemicals Auxiliary Agent
Other Name:
Block Silicone
Pale Yellow To Yellow Liquid
PH Value:
About 6.0
Weak Cationic
Easy To Be Dissolved In Water
120kg Per Plastic Drum
Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Product Description


Hydrophilic and Smoothing Silicone NQS-665 For Cotton and Towel Fabric




Chemical Composition: New multi-block silicone polymer



Technical Specification:


Appearance  pale yellow to yellow liquid
pH Value  about 6.0
Ionicity  weak cationic
Solubility  easy to be dissolved in water





1. Impart soft and smooth hand feel to fabric
2. Give good resilience to fabric
3. Has less effect on the hydrophilicity of cotton and its blended fabric
4. Low yellowing to the white and light color fabric; has no effect on the shade of dark fabric
5. Good electrolyte, good alkali and hard water stability



Field of Application:




Application:     Recommended usage: 1:5


1. Padding: Dosage: 5~20g/L                                                             Temperature: room temperature
    Process: one dip and one pad or two dips and two pads


2. Dipping:Dosage: 2~5% (o.w.f)                                                       Temperature: 30~40℃
    Liquor ratio:1:10~15                                                                       Time:30mins


Notice: For spraying process, recommended usage is 1:19~29.
(The dosage is adjusted by the actual situation of the customers)



Storage and Packing:


Shelf life: 6 months when stored in cool. dry and shaed warehouse


Packing: 120kg plastic drum



Notice: Compatibility of other auxiliaries and process need to be checked before application







Company Information:


Global Chemicals, founded in 1992 in HK, with factory located in Guangdong, China, is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of textile auxiliaries in China, specialized in textile finishing chemicals.Our products mainly include softener flakes (cationic, anionic and nonionic), silicones (amino and block co-polymer) and textile enzymes for different kinds of washing and dyeing factories. Most of our products are SGS, REACH and GOTS certificated.

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