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Denim Desizing Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent Anion And Nonionic Degreasing And Decontaination Efficient Detergent

Denim Desizing Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent Anion And Nonionic Degreasing And Decontaination Efficient Detergent

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Product Details
Efficient Detergent
Chemical Composition:
Special Surfactant Compounds
Colorless To Pale Yellow Transparent Liquid
Anion And Nonionic
PH Value:
6-8(1% Solution)
Can Be Dissloved In Water At Any Ratio
Product Description

Anion and nonionic degreasing and decontaination efficient detergent for denim desizing 


Efficient detergent HPS-108


Efficient detergent HPS-108 is multi-special surfactant compounds.It has strong properties of emulsification ,dispersion,washing and permeation.It's suitable for various fabric's pre-treatment and the cleaning of floating color after dyeing


Chemical compisition:Special surfactant compounds


Technical specification:

Appearance Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid
Ionicity Anionic/nonionic
pH Value 6.0-8.0(10% solution)
Solubility Can be dissloved in water at any ratio



1.APEO free and environmental
2.It will be more thicker while adding water.Diluted to about 25% then add water again ,it will be thinner
3.Good effect of degreasing and decontamination.Widely used for denim desizing,biowashing and monkey washing 's cleaning of floating color.And it will not affect the elasticity of spandex
4.Can remove cotton fiber wax, pectin and other impurities effectively
5.Gives better capillary effect and whiteness to fabric and yarns


Field of application:

Suitable for the refining and soaping of cellulose fibers and other blended fabrics ; also for the desizing and degreasing of chemical fiber fabrics

Widely used for the factories of denim and sweaters washing; and sweaters and yarns dyeing houses


Application -- Recommended usage : 1:9

Padding : Dosage :20-30g/L Temperature:room temperature

Process:one dip and one pad or two dips and two pads


Dipping: Dosage:2-3%(o.w.f.) Temperature:30-40°C

Liquor ratio:1:10-15 Time:30 mins


Storage and packing:

Shelf life: 6 months when store in cool,dry and shade warehouse

Packing:200kg plastic drum


Notice:Compatibility of other auxiliaries and process need to be checked before application

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