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Low Yellowing Formaldehyde Free Fixing Agent GB-2700 High Efficiency

Low Yellowing Formaldehyde Free Fixing Agent GB-2700 High Efficiency

PH6.0 Formaldehyde Free Fixing Agent

Low Yellowing Cationic Fixing Agent

High Concentration Cationic Fixing Agent

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Product Details
Pale Yellow Transparent Viscous Liquid
Ionic Character:
PH Value:
6.0~7.0(1% Solution)
Shelf Life:
6 Months
Can Be Diluted In Water At Any Ratio
Field Of Application:
Applied To Fixing Process Of Reactive, Direct, Sulfur And Direct Dyes
Product Description

High Concentration Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent GB-2700
High Concentration Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent GB-2700 belongs to a cationic polymer of the special structure. It
can form the water-insoluble macromolecular compounds with dyes and combine with the fibers, so as to improve the
fastness of washability and friction. This product is different from the ordinary formaldehyde-free fixing agent. The fixing
efficiency is extremely high, very few dosages can be achieved fixing requirements, so this product has little effect on the
shade. GB-2700 is cost-effective, it is recommended to use diluted 1 : 9.

Technical Specification
☆ Appearance: pale yellow transparent viscous liquid
☆ Ionicity: cationic
☆ pH Value: 6.0~7.0(1% solution)
☆ Solubility: can be diluted in water at any ratio

☆ Free of free formaldehyde and combined formaldehyde, meet the environmental requirements
☆ After fixing, the fastness of washability and friction of the dyed fabric has improved significantly
☆ Does not affect the vividness of dyed fabrics and no effect on the shade

Field of Application
☆ Applied to fixing process of reactive, direct, sulfur and direct dyes

☆ GB-2700 has high fixing efficiency, it is recommended to use diluted 1:9
☆ Dipping: Dosage: 1.0~3.0 % (o.w.f) (10% solution) Liquor ratio: 1∶10~20
    pH value: 5.0~7.0 , 40~60℃×20~30min
☆ Padding:Dosage: 5~20g/L (10% solution)
    Note:The dosage is adjusted by the color of dyed fabric. The dosage of dark color can be increased, light
    color can be reduced.

Dissolving Method
Firstly, add water to GB-2700 into 80% content, stir it well. When the material becomes thinner, then add
water can be made into different content of finished products.

Generally,GB-2700 cannot be used in the same bath with anionic auxiliaries.

Storage and Packing
Shelf life: 6 months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse
Packing: 120kg plastic drum

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