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Textile Cooling And Smoothing Silicone Block Copolymer GB-HQ613 Finishing Softener

Textile Cooling And Smoothing Silicone Block Copolymer GB-HQ613 Finishing Softener

Cooling Silicone Block Copolymer

Smoothing Silicone Block Copolymer

Weak Cationic Textile Softener

Place of Origin:

China (mainland)

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Product Details
Chemical Composition:
New Multi-block Organosilicon Polymer
Pale Yellow To Yellow Transparent Liquid
PH Value:
Weak Cationic
Shelf Life:
Six Months
Product Description

SILISOFT GB-HQ613(Cooling and Smoothing Agent)

Chemical Composition
New multi-block organosilicon polymer

Technical Specification
☆Appearance: pale yellow to yellow transparent liquid
☆Ionicity: weak cationic
☆pH Value: 6.0~7.0
☆Solubility: easy to dissolve in water


☆High concentration and can be used after diluted; Impart excellent cooling handle to fabric
☆Impart soft and smooth hand feel to cotton and its blended fabric
☆Has good resistance of salt, alkali, high temperature and shearing

☆Low yellowing
☆Can be used directly or formulated with other softeners


Field of Application
☆Suitable for cotton, Lycra cotton fabric, polyester cotton
☆ Has good effect on denim fabric and coral velvet


☆Recommended usage: 1:4
Padding Dosage: 5~30g/L     Temperature: 150~160℃ ×60s
Dipping Dosage: 1.0~5.0% (o.w.f)     Temperature: 30~40℃ ×10~30min
(The above process is for reference only, the specific process needs to be determined by fabrics and


Dissolving Method
Put GB-HQ613 into the container and start stirring, add the water in the proportion of 1/3 the
weight of silicone oil in three times, and fully stir. The viscosity will become viscous first and then be
dilute, then add the water at any proportion to make the solution to be different concentrations.


Storage and Packing
Shelf life: Six months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse
Packing: 120kg plastic drum

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