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Low Yellowing Nonionic Silicone Softener Concentrate With Good Soft / Elastic Handle

Low Yellowing Nonionic Silicone Softener Concentrate With Good Soft / Elastic Handle

Low Yellowing Silicone Softener

Nonionic Amino Silicone

Elastic Handle Amino Silicone

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China (mainland)

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Product Details
Chemical Composition:
Amino Modified Polysiloxane Emulsion
Colorless To Light Yellow Transparent Liquid
PH Value:
Shelf Life:
Six Months
CO, PES, CV And Blends Thereof
Product Description

Silicone Softener Concentrate GB-M180

Chemical Composition
Amino modified polysiloxane emulsion

Technical Specification
Appearance:Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Solid content:65.0±2.0%(Oven) / 70.0±2.0%(Microwave)
pH value:5.0~7.0

A high concentrated silicone emulsion, high effective silicone material to produce water clear
softener micro-emulsions.
It can be diluted in any proportion easily.

Field of Application
☆ An ideal Low yellowing softener for kinds of fibers likes CO, PES, CV and blends thereof.
☆ Especially suitable for Cotton and their blended to achieve good soft and elastic handle.

Dissolving Method
Marketable softener-micro emulsions can be obtained from GB-M180 according individual desires. The
recommended diluted process said below (Typical recipe for making 20% solid content dilution).
1) Charge 28.5 parts GB-M180 into a mixing tank having simple propeller stirrer.
2) Add 0.7-0.8 part Glacial acetic acid ( 98%)and mix for 5 min.
3) Add 5 parts water and mix for 5 min.
4) Add 10 parts water and mix for 5 min.
5) Add 20 parts water and mix for 5 min.
6) Finally add 35.5 parts water and mix until the mixture is homogeneous.

☆Padding process is recommended.
☆Padding:Dosage:20~80g/L (20%solid content dilution)
   Temperature& Time:150~180℃×30~90s, dip& pad , Liquid rate 70~90%
   (The above process is for reference only, and the specific process needs to be determined
   according to factors such as fabric types and equipments.)


Storage and Packing
Shelf life:6 months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse.
Packing:120kg plastic drum

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