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Low Viscosity Amino Functional Silicone Fluid SILISOFT With Softness And Smoothness

Low Viscosity Amino Functional Silicone Fluid SILISOFT With Softness And Smoothness

Easily Emulsified Amino Silicone

Low Viscosity Amino Functional Silicone Fluid

Amino Silicone With Smoothness

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China (mainland)

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Product Details
Chemical Composition:
Non-reactive Aminoethyl/aminopropyl-functional Polydimethylsiloxane
Clear To Slightly Cloudy Fluid
Viscosity(25℃, MPa.s):
Approx 700~1300
Amine Number(ml 1N HCl/g):
Approx 0.19~0.25
Weight Loss(105℃*3H):
Shelf Life:
8 Months
Product Description

Functional Silicone Fluid GB-SO1006

Chemical Composition
Non-reactive Aminoethyl/aminopropyl-functional polydimethylsiloxane

Technical Specification
Appearance:clear to slightly cloudy fluid
Weight Loss(105℃*3H): <5%
Viscosity(25℃, mPa.s): approx 700~1300
Amine Number(ml 1N HCl/g): approx 0.19~0.25
*These figures are only intended as a guide and should not be used in preparing specifications.


GB-SO1006 is easily emulsifiable to a stable microemulsion by simple stirring and emulsion of
GB-SO1006 is highly stable, compatible with resin and showed much better textile finishing performance.
Nonionic EMULSIFIERs are recommended to get a stable micro emulsion based on GB-SO1006 to be
prepared with the minimum of shear force.
GB-SO1006 is considered to be the most excellent softening agent for cotton fabrics and knit what are
made of cotton or cotton/PES blends.
GB-SO1006 improves the wash-and-wear properties and the crease recovery angle, sewability and
tear strength and reduces abrasion loss. The effects are fast to washing and dry cleaning.
As part of formulations used as fill fiber finish, GB-SO1006 imparts excellent slickness and resilience
in the fiber.

Field of Application
GB-SO1006 is particularly suitable as an active substance in softener formulations for the
impregnation of fibers and fabrics.
GB-SO1006 imparts a very soft, drapable, and smooth handle to woven and knitted fabrics.
GB-SO1006 is considered to be the best softening agent for cotton. cotton/PES blends fabrics , especial
for knit cotton.
GB-SO1006 has very little effect on the degree of whiteness or color change in a softener formulation
under usual application conditions.

Dissolving /Emulsification Method
Table 1: GB-SO1006 Microemulsion Recommended
( formula&components)

30% solid Content
Formula(Percentage %)


GB-SO1006 20.0 Silicone Active Content  
Lutensol_XP 50 5.0 Emulsifier Nonionic EMULSIFIERs are
Lutensol_XP 80 5.0 Emulsifier Nonionic EMULSIFIERs are
Glacial Acetic Acid 0.5 Ionization Content  
Deionized Water 69.5    


Process Recommended
1. Stir GB-SO1006 and emulsifiers until well mixed;
2. Dissolve glacial acetic acid in water (20% glacial acetic acid Concentration will be better for usage),
    and charge into the mixture;
3. Slowly add the deionized water to the mixture of GB-SO1006 and emulsifier, and increase mixing
    The deionized water is recommended charge step by step, such as 5%(as the first charge
    consumption), 5%, 10%,10%, 20% and the residual.
    Keep stirring for every step water added until mixture is homogeneous, and try to avoid too much
    air was stirred into the emulsion.
4. Packed into barrels after filtration.

Application (Listed as 20% Active GB-SO1006 Content Formula).
Padding:Dosage:20~60g/L,    Liquid rate 70~90%
                 Temperature& Time:150~180℃×30~90s
   (The above process is for reference only, and the actual process needs to be determined by fabric and equipments.)


Storage and Packing
Shelf life:8 months when store in cool, dry and shaded warehouse. The "Best use before end" date of
                 each batch is shown on the product label.
Packing:120 kg plastic drum/200 kg containe

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