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Amino Smooth Silicone Oil SILISOFT GB-SO1200 With Good Smoothness And Brightness

Chemical Composition: Special Silicone Polymer

Appearance: Colorless To Pale Yellow Viscous Liquid

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Low Yellowing Amino Silicone Oil SILISOFT GB-SO1900 With Good Washing Resistance

Chemical Composition: Amino Polydimethylsiloxane

Appearance: Colorless To Pale Yellow Transparent Viscous Liquid

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Low Viscosity Amino Functional Silicone Fluid SILISOFT With Softness And Smoothness

Chemical Composition: Non-reactive Aminoethyl/aminopropyl-functional Polydimethylsiloxane

Appearance: Clear To Slightly Cloudy Fluid

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Chemicals Auxiliary Agent Smooth Brightener GB-OP650 Macro Oxosilane For Leather , Denim And Yarns

Classification: Special Organosilicon Polymer

Appearance: Milky White Liquid

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HP Value 5-7 Super Soft And Smooth Silicone GB-SO753 For Natural Fiber

Chemical Compound: Special Amino Modified Polysiloxane

PH Value: 5.0~7.0 (1% Solution)

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Silicone Smoothening Agent For Blended Fabric Multi - Component Amino Modified Polysiloxane

Chemical Composition: Multi-component Amino Modified Polysiloxane

Ionicity: Weak Cationic

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High Concentration Mercerizing and Smoothing Agent GB-OP680 For Velvet and Yarn Fabric

Chemical Composition: Multicomponent Amino Modified Polysiloxane

Appearance: Milky White Viscous Liquid

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Dyeing Mill AEEA Free Softener Beads SOULBIO B-AFT With Low Yellowing

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Appearance: Pale Yellow Beads

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Antistatic Hydrophilic Nonionic Softener Flakes Low Yellowing FC / FD

Model Number: FC/FD

Product Name: Nonionic Softener Flakes

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Low Yellowing Good Hand Feel Silicone Softener For Washing Plant Softening

Product Name: Good Hand Feeling Silicone

Property: Low Yellowing

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Weak Cationic Amino Functional Silicone Cooling Smoothing CM-280

Model Number: CM-280

Product Name: Amino Silicone

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Textile Auxiliaries Weak Cationic Softener Flakes For Washing Plant

Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent

Usage: Surfactants, Textile Auxiliary Agents

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SGS Weak Cationic Softener Flakes For Textile Auxiliaries Finishing

Model Number: EA

Product Name: Pale Yellow Flakes For Textile Auxiliaries Finishing,weak Cationic

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Nonionic / Weak Cationic Fabric Softener FTT For After Finishing Of Textile Auxiliaries


Chemical Composition: Fatty Acid And Polyhydric Alcohol Compound

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Low Yellow Formaldehyde Free Fixing Agent For White Or Light - Colored Fabric Silicone Smoothening Agent MD-1

Product: Low Yellow,suitable For White Or Light-colored Fabric Silicone Smoothening Agent MD-1

Chemical Composition: Special Amino-modified Organosilicon Polymer

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Nonionic Viscous Softener Block Silicone For Textile Auxiliaris pH Value 5-7

Product: Nonionic,Viscous Softener Block Silicone After Finishing For Textile Auxiliaris

Appearance: Pale Yellow Transparent Viscous Liquid

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